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The Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAi) is a joint venture of work groups from the Mathematics/Natural Sciences Faculty and the Medical Faculty of HHU. The aim of CAi is to encourage the development and use of applied optical microscopy  in the interdisciplinary environment of Life and Material Sciences. The CAi may also be used by external research groups according to prior agreement.

Picture of the month

Interaction is between animal and plants are estimated by comparison of pollen types in mouse feaces samples, which are caught near flowering plants. Differentiation of pollen from Massonia spec. and Massonia-like plants is often difficult in Brightfield microscopy (upper left corner). Therefore autofluorescence of pollen was imaged in confocal microscopy and revealed major structural differences. Click on the image for an animation of the Z-Stack (132-slices) - Imaged at TCS SP8 3x STED

Anh-Dao Lam & Maryam Masrouri (Sinnesökologie Duesseldorf) & Sebastian Hänsch (CAi, Duesseldorf)

New: Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan

The undefinedZeiss LSM 880 Airyscan is our latest inverted confocal microscope system. Equipped with the so-called Airyscan detector and the Fast Extension it combines in a unique way high acquisition speed, high sensitivity and high resolution. In super-resolution mode, you can achieve a resolution of 140 nm laterally and 400 nm axially as well as 4-8 times better SNR (compared to GaAsP detectors). In "Fast mode" it delivers 27 frames per second at a resolution of 480x480 pixels.


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