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The Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) is a joint venture of laboratories from the Mathematics/Natural Sciences Faculty and the Medical Faculty of HHU. The aim of CAi is to encourage the development and use of applied optical microscopy  in the interdisciplinary environment of Life and Material Sciences. The CAi may also be used by external research groups according to prior agreement.

Picture of the month

Developing ovule primordia from meristematic tissue in the gynoecium (a female reproductive organ) in the flower of Arabidopsis thaliana. Cell walls are stained using calcofluor in blue, and Green Fluorescent Protein signals (green) indicate tissue-specific expression of developmental transcription factors that govern cell differentiation. These plant samples were cleared using the ClearSee method to remove chlorophyll, enabling deep-tissue imaging.

Zeiss LSM 880, 40x Mag.
Single confocal plane
Scale bar = 10 µm
Source: Dr. Nozomi Kawamoto, Rüdiger Simon lab


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