Access to CAi from May 4

Wrapped eyepieces at Zeiss LSM710

Dear CAi users,

the CAi microscope systems can be used again by all working groups from May 4. The special safety measures for working with the microscopes will continue to apply in order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible (see pdf), according to the recommendations of GerBI-GMB. That means:

  • Only one person may work on a microscope system at a time.
  • Before entering the microscope room, fresh gloves must be put on and worn permanently while working on the microscope.
  • A mouth-and-nose protection must also be worn permanently during work in order to prevent the spread of aerosols and droplets (protect others).
  • The wearing of safety goggles is optional. In any case, the eyepieces must be covered with the provided cling film (“Frischhaltefolie”).
  • The PC keyboard and mouse, the touchpad, the joystick and focus adjustment knobs and other parts of the system that are touched during work should also be wrapped in cling film. Please ask us if you are unsure!
  • In addition, we provide 70% ethanol solution with which most surfaces can be cleaned without hesitation, including most parts of the microscope. Please moisten paper towels with the solution and use them for cleaning.
  • After finishing work on the system, please remove the film and dispose of it in the provided autoclave bags. Wipe the table surfaces with ethanol solution.
  • Do not take off gloves until after leaving the room.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with the microscope. We can reach all systems remotely and help you directly with your work. For new users we will start to record instruction videos, so that we need less time for a personal introduction to the system and can keep the distance rule. Please keep to these guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for all, thank you very much!

Your CAi Team

Online resources

Dear users of CAi,

for those who do not yet have access to our systems, we have compiled a list of web links on the subpage "Online resources" (see left in the page tree) on the topics microscopy and image analysis. There are currently many online offers, e.g. free software licenses from Zeiss and Leica, various webinars and image analysis training online. We try to update the site regularly with new offers, so that you can also deal with microscopy and image analysis in your home office.
In the course of the week we will let you know how things will go on from April 20th.

Best regards,

Your CAi Team

Restricted Access to CAi Microscope Systems

Dear all,

From Monday, April 6, until April 20 a limited use of CAi microscopes will be possible under special safety measures. In accordance with the generally restricted access to the laboratories at HHU, CAi microscopes in the department of biology can only be used by the research groups in whose work area the systems are located. For this reason, separate booking calendars will be available for these areas as of April 6. Bookings on these systems by users from other work groups are deleted until further notice.

Best wishes,

Your CAi Team

Picture of the month

Autofluorescence signals of previously uncharacterized cyanobacteria collected in the western part of the HHU botanical garden. The obtained cyanobacteria were separated and cultivated in isolated cases. Parts of the culture were then analyzed by stimulating the autofluorescence emission in confocal microscopy.
Sample Preparation: Maximilian Dietsch & Katharina Schwandt (Institute of Synthetic Microbiology)
Imaged at Zeiss LSM780 by Sebastian Hänsch (CAi)


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