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Zeiss LSM 780

The Zeiss LSM 780 is a broadly equipped inverse confocal microscope system, which carries a PicoQuant 4-channel FLIM-extension.

For optimal activation and detection of fluorescent signals, the LSM 780 is set up with laser lines of 405, 458, 488, 515, 594 and 633 nm, enabling work with most commonly used fluorophores. At the detection site, besides two PMTs, a highly sensitive 32-channel GaAsP detector array is mounted.

This microscope system is suitable for all applications of confocal microscopy, including eg. FRAP, FCS and FRET measurements. For live-cell imaging, a temperature/CO2 incubator is available. Due to its outstanding sensitivity, samples with weak fluorescent signal, such as GFP-fusions driven by endogenous promoters, can be examined.

The PicoQuant FLIM-extension unlocks advanced measuring modes for eg. FLIM-FRET and anisotropy-imaging. For FLIM measurements, the microscope can employ 3 variable-rate pulsed laser diodes (440, 485, 640 nm), 4 single-photon-sensitive τ-SPAD detectors, and a 4-channel unit for time-correlated single-photon counting with a resolution of 1 ps.

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