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PerkinElmer Operetta CLS

The PerkinElmer Operetta CLS is an automated microscopy system for high-content analysis (HCA). It provides rapid image acquisition through spinning disk technology and high sample throughput through the use of 96-well or 384-well microplates. Fluorescence and transmitted light images can be acquired in confocal and non-confocal modes.

Installed objectives (all air):

  • 5x / NA 0.16
  • 20x / NA 0.4
  • 40x / NA 0.75

Light path/ optics:

4x LED light source, 5x emission filter, Spinning disk optics. 1x top-down-LED (740 nm, for brightfield and digital phase contrast images).

Excitation windows available:

  • 370 nm (355-385 nm)
  • 475 nm (460-490 nm)
  • 550 nm (530-560 nm)
  • 630 nm (615-645 nm)

Detection windows available:

  • 430-500 nm  (blue)
  • 500-550 nm  (green)
  • 515-580 nm  (yellow)
  • 570-650 nm  (red)
  • 665-760 nm  (far-red)

Camera: 4.7 Megapixel sCMOS sensor, image dimension of 2160x2160 px.

Incubation: Heating is available (37-42 °C; system temperature of approx. 25 °C). CO2 controller available (1-10 %). No humidity control.

In addition, a slide holder is available to acquire images of fixed tissues. 

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