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Image processing and analysis

For image processing and analysis, a powerful PC with 32 GB RAM and high-end graphics card is available.

The system "CAi-2" is located in room, can be booked through our online booking calendar, and contains the following software packages:

  • ZEISS ZEN black (Full version)
  • ZEISS ZEN blue (Full version)
  • ZEISS Axiovision (Full version)
  • Fiji/ImageJ CAi package
  • Imaris
  • Vaa3D (3D image analysis)
  • Nikon
  • Olympus FluoView Viewer
  • PicoQuant SymPhoTime 64 for FLIM-data
  • Analysis software for MFIS-data (eg. FLIM-FRET) undefined AG Seidel


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