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User Rules of the Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) at Heinrich-Heine-University (HHU)

The Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) is a joint facility of research groups from the faculties of Mathematics & Natural Sciences and the Medical Faculty at HHU. The aim of CAi is to advance the development and applied use of optical microscopes in the interdisciplinary environment of life and material sciences.

External research may also use its facilities following prior consultation.

§1 Instructions: The microscopes of the CAi must only be used after an introduction by an authorized person. Following the introduction the new user will receive a username and password to book time on the machines via the CAi-homepage.

§2 Liabilities: Users or their institution respectively, are liable for all damages done to the equipment, which are verifiably caused by misuse. They have to carry the repair costs. The administrators are entitled to exclude users from using the machines if legitimate reason exists.

§3 Logbook: A logbook is maintained at every machine, for users to register. Date, time, relevant information concerning microscope use (e.g. power-on hours of the Hg-lamps, or the HXP-lamp respectively) and special occurrences must be journalized here. Special occurrences and error messages should also be relayed to the responsible administrator as quickly as possible. Attempts to repair or adjust the machines by oneself must be omitted.

§4 Booking: Booking of the microscopes is done via the CAi homepage (www.cai.hhu.de) and is possible four weeks in advance, or two weeks in advance for the LSM 710. Within the core working hours (Mo-Fr, 8 am – 7 pm), the machines should not be booked for more than three consecutive hours. Outside of these hours, and in cases of special requirements (e.g. for longtime observations), longer time periods can be booked after consultation of the administrators. Booked time can be canceled at no cost up until 12 hours prior to the original starting time. In the case of short notice cancelations, 50 % of the cost must be paid.

§5 Data storage and backup: Data must only by stored on the designated partitions of the respective controlling computer (partition D in most cases), and must be moved to either a personal storage device or the CAi file-server within four weeks. Every user can use up to five gigabyte for temporary data storage. All data on the controlling computers is regularly reviewed and, when necessary, deleted by the administrators.

§6 Usage of data and images in publications: If data or images, which were acquired using a CAi machine, are used in publications of a research group, the CAi must be mentioned in the acknowledgements. Furthermore, the CAi-Administration should be informed.

§7 User costs: Different costs per hour apply for the different microscopes, according to their operating expenses, and are as follows. These costs are omitted for those users who were co-applicants in acquiring these machines in their first year of usage, and according to their proposed usage time.

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