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Data storage

All CAi storage on the network (OMERO storage, Fileserver \\cai.ad.hhu.de\Daten) are serviced by the ZIM. These storages undergo continuous rolling backup and replication processes to prevent data loss.

The storage is provided to us at a cost of 300€/TB (ZIM price: one-time payment, not a yearly fee). The cost is identical for data on OMERO or on the fileserver. Important note: images uploaded to OMERO and kept at the same time on the fileserver occupies twice the space.

Because our server hosting OMERO hasn’t unlimited processing resources and network bandwidth, large images (GB/TB range) or datasets can get noticeably slow with the upload postprocessing or data streaming in an analysis pipeline. Please get in touch with us if you have such data, as we can engineer more efficient data workflows with you (not recommended for “small” datasets).