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The data that is acquired at CAi, should be managed and annotated by OMERO. Thus, we support all users and provide introductions to usage of OMERO and to metadata annotation.

The introduction to OMERO can either be scheduled as a one-on-one meeting, where one user gets introduced to the functionalities of OMERO. Alternatively, this introduction can also be given to a whole working group in form of a short seminar. Such introductions include: Data upload, data organization, visual inspection of the data, figure making, connecting Fiji with OMERO and where to get support while using OMERO. [contact ]

To provide experimental and biological context, the attachment of (biological) metadata to the images is useful and thus necessary. Our aim is to facilitate user of CAi to perform metadata annotation on their own. For this we provide guidance and training on how to annotate data in OMERO and on which metadata should be recorded. For this, we schedule one-on-one meetings with individual researchers and introduce the most relevant functionalities. Such an introduction includes data organization in OMERO, introduction to REMBI (Recommended metadata for biological images), the creation of an individual key-value pair list for the respective project and the training of the user in the relevant annotation tools. [contact   + ]